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Decorative concrete floors and overlays are a hot new trend that not only makes your concrete beautiful but also adds value to your property at a fraction of the cost of new concrete. Give us a call right now!

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Concrete driveways, walkways, and patios are common in Southeast Texas. Concrete is a popular material for a variety of reasons, including its durability, longevity, and ability to withstand our rainfall and humidity. What do you do when your brick begins to show unsightly cracking, spalling, black mildew, and discoloration? Concrete surfaces that has not been maintained properly may become an eyesore and a pain to clean, even if it is only slowly deteriorating. It’s extremely pricey to repair a sidewalk that has been damaged and must be torn out and new concrete poured.

The good news is that it isn’t always essential. Concrete resurfacing is a method of rejuvenating your concrete walkways and driveways that we provide in the decorative concrete industry.

Concrete Maintenance

Concrete in general is relatively easy to maintain, but with proper care, it can extend the life of your concrete, maintain its appearance, and protect your investment. Different levels require different cleaning skills. Unlike many restaurants, the restaurant floor has been replaced with polished concrete. Some say that the yield of the correct soil will be unprecedented. Is this correct? This will go on forever. In this way, you can create an appropriate maintenance plan. Otherwise, the concrete will crack at the request of the contractor.

What maintenance is required for concrete?

Cleaning – Basic Maintenance The application of basic maintenance by quickly removing dirt from concrete to prevent contamination. Covers weeds, weeds, dirt, tire oil stains, and more. Regular cleaning of concrete floors will help keep them of the highest quality.

These germs and bacteria can infect your pet’s legs and tongue. Dirty concrete can suffocate floors and cause premature aging of floors, especially outdoor concrete. It also cleans when poured. For example, use a mixture of 1 cup of dish soap and 1 cup of ammonia to remove grease stains. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water. It is best to do this as soon as possible, before the stain dries. Grease – Apply commercial dish soap (such as Dawn) directly to the grease stain using a brush or cloth. Leave it for a few minutes and then dry it. If the concrete is dark brown due to oxidation, use Acant to remove the stain and restore the concrete’s luster. If you don’t have access to these products, you can buy them at a paint or hardware store. Cost will be slightly higher than retail.

How often does concrete need maintenance?

Companies often use safety cleaners to clean concrete once or twice a week. It can be cleaned with electrolyte twice a week, once every three months. Lightweight concrete floors generally need to be cleaned once a year. Most companies that use hot oil treatments use it once a month. Some concrete surfaces, such as B. kitchens need to be cleaned daily and regularly. If the concrete floor is heated, it should be cleaned at least once a month.

What happens if it does not maintain concrete?

Concrete, like any other product, deteriorates without proper maintenance. Learn more about caring for concrete surfaces in this article. For example, if not cleaned immediately, it can last for years and cause more serious problems. Over time, without proper maintenance, concrete begins to crack and crack. To keep the floor in good condition, it should be polished at least once every three months.

What else should you know about concrete?

There are many methods and products for maintaining concrete. The most common method is to apply warm oil and protective insulation twice a month. This is enough to get good soil conditions. If you are interested in chemical pickling, we also offer drilling and cleaning services.

We offer different services to maintain different levels. If you are considering a particular level or product, please contact us. We will inform you of the details.

Below are some tips and example tools for maintaining your concrete product:


Concrete is a hard, durable material that is not only a coating, but an integral part of the material. Raw concrete can be contaminated with gaseous salts, contaminated oil or water. Crystal-Lok™ Concrete Restoration Tools provide a unique level of permanent curing solution that cannot be erased by corrosion and contamination. Crystalline calcium silicate hydrate, the same material as concrete.

Avoid the wrong chemicals

Do not use chemicals on concrete. Thawed products can penetrate the block and damage the concrete. Composting products can also contaminate concrete, so additional concrete is removed immediately. Use concrete cleaners for cleaning and other cleaning products, as some household items can actually be harmful. Be sure to read the product specifications before pouring concrete. Proper maintenance of concrete creates a smooth and durable surface. We offer a wide range of specialized services for your concrete slabs.

Limit your weight

Concrete is strong and durable, but housing forms cannot contain heavy materials. Your ramp can easily support heavy equipment such as moving trucks and lorries, but it is not equipped for larger vehicles. To maintain a stable life on concrete, put these vehicles on the road and move heavy equipment from the driveway.

Know the temperature

Concrete should not be exposed to certain temperatures. Concrete hardens and deteriorates if overheated, especially in direct sunlight. However, frozen water can cause cracks and crevices in the concrete surface. Be aware of the weather conditions of your place of residence and avoid danger at any cost. When concrete is exposed to extreme temperatures, the surface can be replaced as soon as possible. Make sure you are aware of the specific rules and regulations in your area.

Remove Stains Immediately

A concrete covering also helps on concrete surfaces, but it is best to remove dirt and dust immediately. If you see an oil leak in the concrete driveway, you should clean the oil as soon as possible. This solution prevents discoloration and stains and improves the appearance of the cement even more than before. If you see oil or dirt on the concrete surface, remove these materials as soon as possible.

Seal Your Concrete

Ceiling cement extends life and feels great. There are several ways to seal concrete. Topical sealers are used every few years to remove dirt and other debris from the concrete. Seal the concrete properly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. However, you can use products available at your local hardware store to seal the concrete yourself.

Clean Your Concrete

You have to wash the concrete. Cleaning the concrete helps remove dust and makes the final look easier. Concrete can be cleaned in different ways if necessary. Many solvents and cleaners can be used to clean concrete. However, some of them can actually damage concrete. We recommend using a neutral cleaner that does not contain contaminants such as alkalis and acids. If necessary, wash the concrete with a mild detergent and do not wash it too often. Concrete should be washed in spring or autumn to prevent damage from cracking of concrete in dry or cold weather.

Read the instructions on the product label

When purchasing a solid product, read all directions before use to ensure that the ingredients are used correctly. It is important to follow label directions to avoid accidents. In addition, cement sealers and cleaners differ in many ways. When using a sealant, you usually spray it on the concrete. When cleaning concrete with a solvent such as water or detergent.


This is the final solution for the concrete connection. MGKreteTM, a concrete repair tool, can perform almost limitless concrete repairs, including heavy-duty coatings, stair treads, and quick anchors. The MG-KreetTM also provides vertical and aerial correction, and improves rapidly in just a few hours in all weather conditions.

PAR Permanent Asphalt Repair

PAR is a type of concrete repair tool designed for permanent repair of asphalt pits in any weather conditions. PAR can also be applied to concrete floors, but the IMCO® MG-KRETE® can only be used for emergency repairs.


D-TechTM can be used for permanent hardening and sealing of concrete. Precast concrete has a porous surface. This permanent solution removes unprecedented resistance to fouling and corrosion. D-TechTM is applied to new or existing concrete surfaces.

MG-Krete Concrete Repair Material

  1. COMPONENT MAGNETISM PHOSPHATE COMPOSITE. • Quickly cure. • Outstanding adsorption of condensations. Subzero temperature applications are available (-10c/14°C).

For interior use


Do you have to maintain concrete?

In general, concrete is very durable and slightly abraded if repaired little or no repairs. Concrete needs proper maintenance, but it can increase the durability and beauty of concrete. Plain polished concrete looks great instead of oil.

When preserving concrete with or without paint, these tips will help extend the life of your driveway and keep it looking better for years to come. If you are already seeing signs of damage to your driveway, contact our team today to request the specific repair you need.

Patio Resurfacing Galveston

Your Patio Will Magnify Your House’s Charm If It Is Resurfaced

You might have devoted much time and effort to maintain the appearance and appeal of your home’s exterior, but you may have neglected to preserve the backyard patio. Your home’s front may be gracious in greeting your visitor, but it will be the back patio where you’ll be entertaining them.

The decorative concrete option for Galveston patio resurfacing allows you to transform your back patio into a space that you’ll be proud of. Concrete patio resurfacing makes your existing concrete surfaces look amazing without damaging it. Our custom-made services and procedures not just save you time, but also money.

Ideas for Patio Resurfacing on an Outside Deck

Our unique polymer overlays may be created in a variety of designs and are designed to resist damaging UV radiation and freeze-thaw conditions.

Replace a section of hardwood flooring with a wood slab overlay on the outside to give your patio the appearance of a genuine wood deck. Choose a simple gray slate texture to dramatically change the ambiance with old-world flair. The most popular designs are basic black or white. A few other personalized design alternatives include:

  • Flagstone
  • Cobblestone
  • Stone

Even better, they all appear to be authentic. Furthermore, you may use your patio without the time-consuming upkeep that genuine wood or stone entails. Say goodbye to splinters and rough, abrasive surface areas, as well as pesky weeds!


Natural elements can wreak havoc on genuine wood and masonry, causing both time and money to be spent on repairs and upkeep. Adding a beautiful concrete overlay to your existing patio will not only be long-lasting but will also look brand new for years.

Your outdoor patio resurfacing allows you to transform your backyard into a place that you’d be proud to share. Concrete patio restoration procedures revamp your otherwise drab cement slab without necessitating the removal of the existing concrete. Add a wood slab overlay to your outdoor patio space, which will make it seem like a real wood deck, or completely change it with an aged world flair.

Reflective Flooring Galveston

Metallic Epoxy Floors: Areas Long-Lasting as They Are Stunning


Do you want the most high-end and luxurious polished concrete flooring available? Metallic Epoxy coatings are all you need. The luxury hardwood flooring in this remodel is a unique blend of high-end ash with buffalo blood. You’ll find it’s a bit more crimson than the avocado planks you’ve seen in most homes with similar layouts. This is because these floors are made from real wood. These are state-of-the-art finishes that are highly durable and provide easy decorative overlays to the concrete floor. The process will create such a brilliant sheen that everyone who sees it will be astounded by the results. Another benefit is that because the floor covering has reflective qualities, less lighting is required and allows for a lower cost in electricity.

When the flooring is completed, it has a similar smooth sheen to glass and glimmers with metal effervescence. The metals are actually reflecting so brightly because of their brightness. Because they are “exothermic,” this flooring is in a different world. The colors will swirl and meander together, self-level on their own, and the floor will become warm when mixed. Each story is unique and distinctive, as it ‘does its thing.’ Any color -or combination of colors- chosen are available. It’s important to remember that there will never be another floor like it on the planet!

Not only are they exceedingly attractive, but floor tiles with intriguing designs are also incredibly long-lasting and may be used to cover a wide range of issues beneath concrete surfaces. The labor, expertise, and preparation required are more time-consuming than those for another flooring..It might take a few days to set up, and the surface should be clean and dust-free at all times during installation. However, if there is a speck of dust, it is acceptable because the “wow” effect is often referred to as “comets,” which creates a sparkling sensation. After application, the epoxy coating on the floor must be left alone and there can be no wind or air conditioning on it for the duration of its swirling operation.

Metallic Epoxy is only 1/8 inch thick, but it has the appearance of being much thicker. It’s a well-known fact that you should never, ever try to pet a skunk. However, if people do this, they might be sprayed in the face with its strong odor. Even when removing stains from your clothes is necessary. If you think hardwood flooring is about as excellent as flooring can get, and you want to embrace the uniqueness of your room, this is a perfect choice.

The flooring has a glasslike sheen and glimmers with metal effervescence after it’s completed. The beauty of reflective flooring cannot be overlooked, but they also have several advantages over traditional hardwood floors. They are not only stunningly gorgeous, but they are also quite long-lasting and can solve a variety of issues with the underlying concrete. Call us today to install a reflective, metallic epoxy floor for that sleek look that you will love

Pool Deck Galveston


Is it time to replace your swimming pool deck?


Why don’t you give it a try at something fresh and thrilling this time around? If your concrete surface is in good shape, a smooth and slip-resistant surface can be troweled or sprayed on, with many designs to choose from. Concrete overlays are made of polymer and cement with performance-enhancing additives. They bond particularly well to concrete that has been specially prepared to accept the chemicals. They’re then sealed to ensure they’ll last a long time after being adorned to your desired aesthetic. These are high-quality systems that are designed to resist damage from sunlight, UV salt

Deck Resurfacing

You’ll have a more pleasant pool environment if you select the perfect place for the pool and include the most fitting pool decks available.

Why don’t you think about having a go at something brand-new and exciting this time around? If your concrete surface for your pool decks are sound, then a cool and slip-resistant surface can be either troweled or sprayed on, with several patterns that can be contemplated. Concrete overlays are a mix of polymer and cement with performance-enhancing additives. They bond specifically well to concrete specifically prepared to accept the chemicals. When decorated to your preferred appearance, they are then sealed so that they will last for many years. These are systems of the highest quality that are developed to withstand damage from sunlight, UV salt, swimming pool, and exposure chemicals. It is remarkable what a difference the look will be when that uninspired swimming pool deck has an ‘extreme makeover’.

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Your time spent around the pool should be as soothing as your time invested in it. Decorative Concrete Galveston pool deck resurfacing is a way to rejuvenate your concrete pool deck without depleting your checking account. Our distinct concrete pool deck overlays, which may be used to either complement or contrast with present landscaping and home styles,

Remodeling Your Deck: Suggestions for Resurfacing it

Nothing can ruin a summer season more than having your pool deck completely destroyed, making it impossible to enjoy outside. Our decorative concrete pool overlays cover your existing pool deck without necessitating costly demolition and replacement. Repairing a worn-out pool deck is easy with our unique concrete pool deck overlay solutions, which may be used to either complement or contrast

Deck Resurfacing Ideas for a Pool Deck

Nothing could ruin a summer season more than having your pool deck torn down entirely, making it impossible to enjoy outside. Our ornamental concrete pool overlays cover your existing pool deck, avoiding the expense of demolition and replacement.

Customized, handcrafted concrete in Galveston, Texas looks like natural stone and pavers, as well as hardwood decking. There are several types of pool deck resurfacing that you may do, including:

  • Genuine flagstone
  • Brick
  • Sandstone
  • Stone-look

Feel free to combine different varieties in whatever way you wish!

Furthermore, our wide range of color options can help you create a space that blends in with the current décor while also standing out as a destination distinct from the everyday rigmarole.

Decorative Concrete Galveston swimming pool deck resurfacing is a cost-effective solution to restore your concrete swimming pool deck without emptying your wallet since it covers and repairs your current pool deck, avoiding the expense of costly removal and replacement.

Driveways Galveston

Driveways Aren’t Required To Be Dull

The driveway is usually the first thing that guests and neighbors notice when approaching a property. It has a significant influence on that crucial “first impression,” and it can also damage the value of a property if it is ugly. Consider if it is truly included in the value of a home. A driveway is a significant element in the aesthetics of a house, as it adds to the overall look and feel of the property. Considering that it is driven every day, it also must be simple and long-lasting in order to keep appealing.

The modern homeowner can now resurface a concrete driveway and garage floor with an extremely durable polymer-based finish or overlay without breaking the bank account. Remember, the most important decision when improving a driveway or even a garage floor is to choose high-quality materials and make sure you have enough of them.

Many of the driveway overlays are composed of similar materials, some with various and varied uniformities and endurance characteristics. Finally, the look of your property and landscape will determine whether or not you get a brick home or a stucco house.

The driveway is one of the most unusual and distinctive ways to give a house’s “appearance” by way of decoration. The driveway’s distinctive characteristics might also help to make your home stand out as unique among its neighbors. Whether the planned layout is basic or more formal, improving that typically uninteresting driveway can improve both the aesthetics and appeal of the property.